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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - property tax regulations and appeals.

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  • I have filed a formal appeal what documents should I ask the Assessor for? +

    At least your current and the past 3 years if your complete property profiles for account under protest. The office made excel sales analysis you completed for this market year Read More
  • What Wyoming Statutes deal with property taxes? +

    Wyoming Statutes Title 39. Taxation and Revenue § 39-13-103. ImpositionWhat Wyoming Department of Revenue regulation deals with property taxes? Read More
  • What Wyoming Department of Revenue regulation deals with property taxes? +

    Chapter 9 - Property Tax Valuation Methodology and Assessment (County Assessments) effective 07/25/2016 SOS doc ID #10209 Read More
  • What is Fair Market Value and why is it important? +

    WY 39-11-101. Definitions. (a) (vi) "Fair market value" means the amount in cash, or terms reasonably equivalent to cash, a well informed buyer is justified in paying for a property Read More
  • What is a Land Economic Area (LEA)? +

    DOR reg Ch 9-4(a) (xix) "Land Economic Area (LEA)": A geographic area that may encompass a group of neighborhoods, defined on the basis that the lands within its boundaries are more Read More

Formal Appeal

What information you should ask the assessor for prior to your appeal.