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What information you should ask the assessor for prior to your appeal. Sample letter below. 

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Casper, 82604

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 Formal Appeal 2019,2020

Natrona County Assessor

Document Request:

Per WS34-1-124(g)

Please provide the following: documentation for both 2019 and 2020

  • 2017 – 2020 complete property profiles for my account. This needs to include all pictures, sketches and all account notes made by all of the appraisers that have appraised our parcel.
  • Please provide your office made excel sales analysis completed for this market year and anything else that you used in the valuation of my property
  • LEA Maps for this area and any information you used for stratification.
  • Provide all Statements of Consideration for the sales (valid and invalid) that you used in your LEA and NBHD ADJ analysis.
  • Provide the NBHDADJ analysis in excel format as well
  • Please also provide the set of the covenants that govern this area. If there is more than one please list the addition or subdivision.
  • Please also identify if any zoning regulations had any affect on value.

All requested information is relevant in the valuation of this area for the assessment year. It is very important you provide this information in a timely manner in case we need to request further information to confirm the market prior to our appeal and in order to adequately prepare our file for protest with a clear set of exhibits for the record.

As taxpayers we must have the same data you used, and how you used it in application to our parcels to understand your assessment.

Thank You,


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